Golden Triangle Tour India


A trip to the Golden Triangle and enjoy sightseeing in New Delhi, Jaipur royal splendor and romantic Agra.

Kerala Tour Packages


Find the best Kerala Tour packages, for days and nights to enjoy the beaches, backwaters, hill stations, houseboats and more.

Rajasthan Tour Packages


A land of vibrant colors of golden sand and beautiful jewelry. India Magical Trip best and affordable Rajasthan Tour packages.

North India Tour Packages


North India tour packages, culture, adventure, history and legend and is an ideal place for family travel.

South India Tour Packages


Our South India tour packages take you on an unforgettable cultural journey also known as the world capital of Ayurveda.

Wildlife and Adventure Tours


In our Wildlife and adventure tours, unique adventure, travel to cultural and natural treasures of an extraordinary destiny with our expert naturalist guides.

Yoga and Ayurveda Tours


Yoga and Ayurveda tour will have the pleasure of traveling, many yoga postures and Ayurvedic treatments become a solution for every day.

Pilgrimage Tours


The Lord has blessed us with many more groups, many of the new priests and churches and many new hosts of Pilgrimage Tours.

Hotels in India


Hotels in India has the best arrangements discounts for hotel rooms anywhere. From luxury hotels to budget accommodations. Good prices and service.

Welcome to India Magical Trip

Golden Triangle Tour

Travelling is a perfect way to ebb away your worries and tiredness and enliven the spirit with fresh energy. Travelling to exotic places in India offers you an incredible experience and lets you invigorate your soul. India, a welcoming country that reflects multi-faceted culture, rich history, scenic vistas, mixed ethnic races and vivacious lives, invites tourists from both far and near to explore the colourful dimensions.

We, at India Magical Trip, let you enjoy the bustling corners of the country including the sprawling deserts, sun-bathed sea shores, vivid festivals, flavoured and aromatic foods, serene backdrops, historical edifices, pilgrimage spots and the hospitality of the country’s benevolent people. India Magical Trip, a modern concept, lets you explore the country through its attractive packages and deals that come with bundles of joy and experiences. Being one of the high-flying and dynamic trip organisers across the county, India Magical Trip is known to offer you mesmerizing and enriching tours to the country’s scenic spots that are awe-inspiring.

We partner with network of top-class and opulent hotels, renowned travel companies and resorts to offer you a relaxing and appealing stay. We offer affordable and well-planned trips that promise the finest services to our guests. Our special tailor made packages, including Rajasthan packages, trips to the magnificent Himalayas, visits to South India, exotic beach tours, magical India trips etc. let you explore India with a commitment to redefine your sense of luxury, beauty and comfort. Our dedicated and quality services are the best value for money. You can take home an exotic experience by exploring our adventure and vacation packages encompassing pilgrimage trips, wildlife expeditions, heritage tours, honeymoon travels and many more.

With our customized and dedicated tour services, we strive to offer you with the best experience of discovering India as per your purpose, budget and requirement.

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