Though, India is considered to be a secure country in terms of ailments; however, to be one the safe side, anyone planning to visit India must have certain vaccinations as a preventive measure. Check out the details of the required vaccinations and the diseases which a traveller needs to be apprehensive about before arriving in India.

  • Typhoid : The polluted water bodies in India pose serious threats of Typhoid, a water borne disease, to human health, especially for those who are not acclimatized to it. Typhoid vaccination needs to be at the top of the list of safety measures for any traveller visiting India.

  • Hepatitis A : Hepatitis A, a disease transmitted by direct physical contact with an affected individual and contaminated food, is quite common in India; especially in the rural areas. It is highly recommended to take Hepatitis A vaccination before coming on a long trip to India.

  • Hepatitis B : Hepatitis B is a highly transmitted disease and can enter human body due to intimate contacts and sharing. Visitors coming on a friendly vacation to India with a plan to mingle with local residents must get vaccinated with Hepatitis B Vaccination to ensure safe health.

  • Japanese Encephalitis : Japanese Encephalitis is a disease which is more prominent in the rural areas of India. Vaccination for this disease is a must for those who intend to stay in the country areas for long time duration or have come to explore and travel through the rural India.

  • Yellow Fever : This disease is native to the African countries and India has no risk of this disease. For those who are travelling from African countries must have the vaccination for Yellow Fever. Travellers from USA needn’t to get vaccinated for this disease.

  • Rabies : Rabies is caused due to coming in contact with street dogs, cats, bats and other common animals in India. Rabies vaccination is specifically suggested for visitors interested in undertaking outdoor activities as this enhance the chances of getting bitten by these animals having Rabies.

The above mentioned vaccinations are some of the most common ones recommended to people visiting India from abroad to ensure their safety. Besides these, vaccination is required for several other diseases as well. In order to know in detail about the safety measures and vaccination get in touch with Indian Embassy in your respective countries.

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