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India is packed with spectacular attractions welcoming flocks of visitors from all across the globe. The country is laden with rich cultural heritage, loads of beauties, tranquil atmosphere, sundrenched beaches, lofty mountains, historic sites, vivid markets, adventure activities and thrilling wildlife. India Magical Trip, a renowned tour organizer in India, lets you experience every aspect of India with fun and pleasure. Our group packages and exclusive excursion groups promise to give you a stay that you would cherish throughout your life.

India is a country with booming tourism sector and it’s no surprise. To enjoy the most of the tourist attractions, you can select our group tour packages. For instance, Golden Triangle Tour is a popular and brilliant trip package that lets you explore the beauty and wonder of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Besides this highly-sought after group package, we also provide other such packaged trips to welcome our tourists to experience the real India. Through such packages, you can enjoy the magnificent scenic beauties of lakes, mountains, hills, coasts, forts, architectures etc.

With India Magical Trip, you can have an elating trip and get the best of history, culture and heritage of India. While you are on vacation, our local tourist guides stay with you to let you understand the real incredible India. Also, you can have a peaceful, relaxed and fascinating experience with our knowledgeable and skilled guides.

India Magical Trip specializes in offering Group Tour Packages and has been greeting tourists from far and wide. Our main purpose is to ensure that your sojourn in India is all-inclusive and comprehensive with well-designed itineraries. Also, we offer services as per your choice. So, whether you want to explore the adventure, nature, spirituality, cuisine or wilderness, India Magical Trip would offer all to match up to your unique needs. We are the best tour organizers in India offering wonderful group packages. You can select our exclusive and affordable group tours that are highly satisfactory.

You are just a flight away from experiencing the wonders and bounties of Indian subcontinent. We welcome you to travel with us.

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